Quick Link Maker


1.Enter your Destination URL ( webpage or image )

1. Link to any page or image on the web. First, locate the URL for the destination web page or image: Go to the web page or open the online image in the browser window. Highlight and copy the URL from the address line at the top of the browser and paste it into slot #1.

If a destination image is not by itself on the browser page, then right click the image and open the "properties" settings. Copy the Image address, location, or URL from the popup window and paste it into slot #1.

2. Enter your Clickable Image URL or Clickable Text

2. The clickable link may be an image or text. Type in the text that will be clicked, or copy and paste the image URL that will become the clickable link.

Obtain the URL for an online hosted image by right clicking the image and opening the properties settings. Copy the Image address, location, or URL from the popup window and paste it into slot #2.

3. Image Links: Text Links:
Thumbnail image
with Link border
Standard Link color Click Here

3. Look at the six linking examples and choose one of the styles for your link. There are three styles for image links in the left column and three styles for text links in the right column. If an image link is chosen, then slot #2 must have a URL. If a text link is chosen, then slot #2 must have text.

Please note that the two hover links (third sample in each column) will not work in eBay chat boards and forums, but the other four examples will work just fine on the forums and in eBay signatures.

The link can take the user to the destination page using the SAME browser window (standard), or you can choose to open the destination in a separate NEW window so the user won't leave or lose the current page.

Standard Links have no alignment (inline) so that words can be linked in a sentence. There is an option to center the link on its own line.

Thumbnail image.
No Link border
Custom Link color
Click Here
Border Link Color

Border Hover Color
Link color

Hover color
Click Here
Open in: Same window     New window
Positioning: Inline    Centered

4. Use the preview button to view and test your links in the popup window. Close the popup and make additional changes if necessary.


5. When the link appears as desired, copy the code from the code window and paste into your page. To copy, right-click into the code window and "Select All". Then right-click and select "Copy".

Or click the cursor into the code window and, while holding down the ctrl-key,press the A-key. While still holding the ctrl-key, press the C-key. Go to your destination page and press the V-key while holding down the ctrl-key.

courtesy of eBay user shipscript
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