Make Non-KeyWord Spamming Links for eBay

What is KWS? KeyWord Spamming (KWS) is the use of terms or names in a page that would cause the page to appear in unrelated search results. eBay prohibits keyword spamming in auctions.

How can I Cross Sell? So how can you direct your eBay customers to similar items in your other eBay auctions or in your eBay store, commonly referred to as "cross selling?"  Use scripted links!

How does scripting help? Search engines do not search javascript, therefore scripted words are invisible to search engines and are not keyword spammers. Scripting can be used to create non-KWS links that look just like regular menus, buttons, or dropdown lists!  But beware, some folks may think that these scripts are spamming simply because they LOOK like typical keyword spamming. Therefore, we advise that when you use these scripts, you also include a note stating the lists are not keyword spamming and that you also provide a link back to this informational site.

The links are already built into the codes below, and you may add more text like:
  • non-Keyword-Spamming
  • Keyword-Spam-free
  • These scripted links are non-keyword-spamming.
  • These scripted links are eBay approved and are not keyword spamming.
  • These scripted links are eBay approved and are not keyword spamming. Look <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.
  • These scripted links are non-keyword-spamming. Search for this scripted term: <script language="javascript">document.write('kws8test')</script>.

How can I tell? How can the casual observer tell if the links are scripted, before reporting a potential violation to eBay? Select an unrelated term (or set of terms) from the list and actually search for it on eBay. Here's how:

  1. Click seller's other items to narrow the search.
  2. Copy one or more irrelevant keywords from the list into the search box and checkmark the box to search in title and description.
  3. If the suspected auction does not appear in the search results, the list is not keyword spamming.


The three scripts created below will generate non-KWS links.

  • One is a plain text menu
  • Another is a dropdown list
  • And the last is an option for multiple dropdown lists.
  • Also check out these text-based non-KWS buttons:  Clicky-Buttons 
  • Copy and paste any of these scripts into your listing and modify the links in the code. Instructions are within the code. The fonts and colors are set apart so that you can change them to suit your styles.

    You may also make your changes to the code directly in the window below and test your variations in the popup window until you are happy with the results. Then copy and paste the code to your page.

    Please maintain the top two paragraphs of instructions in the code to make it easier for eBay employees to locate the code if a KWS question arises.

    (Modified 01 March 2007 to survive code compression in eBay's new listing editor.)

    Menu List

    Pop-up window may appear behind page.

    DropDown List

    Pop-up window may appear behind page.

    Enhanced DropDown Lists

    Pop-up window may appear behind page.

     How to Copy Code

    1. Either right-click and choose "select all" or drag your mouse across the code while holding down the mouse button, highlighting the code within the window above.
    2. Right-click and select "copy," or use the keys "Ctrl-C" or "Ctrl-Insert," to copy the code. The "copy" button only works with Internet Explorer.
    3. Paste the code into your destination page. On the destination page, you may have an edit-menu option to "paste," or you might right-click and select "paste." The destination page may also support the keys "Ctrl-V" or "Shift-Insert" for pasting.

    courtesy of eBay user shipscript
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