Enter your data and make HTML/CSS code with this
Grid & Chart Maker

1.  Add text to the Fields

  • Click here for more cells.
  • Click here to paste spreadsheet data.
  • Clear the form.
  • Add row and column headings.
  • Fill in the chart data.
  • Leave unused rows and columns Empty.
  • "Apply Text" and a table will appear below.

2.  Colorize and Format Table

  • Change Font style and size.
  • Change text and cell colors.
  • Change border style, size, and color.
  • Borders Border Width:
    Border Shadows:
    Font Font:
    Font Size:
    Alignment Header Alignment:
    left  center  right
    Text Alignment:
    left  center  right
    Click on the grid below or select the element from the list below to colorize. Click on a palette color to set the grid color, or hold down the mouse button and slowly drag to dynamically change the color in the grid.
    Change Colors Border
    Heading Bkgnd
    Heading Text
    Body Bkground
    Body Text

    3.  Copy Code

    1. Click the "Make HTML" at any time to make new code in the table above.
    2. Either right-click and choose "select all" or drag your mouse across the code while holding down the mouse button, highlighting the code within the window above.
    3. Right-click and select "copy," or use the keys "Ctrl-C" or "Ctrl-Insert," to copy the code. The "copy" button only works with Internet Explorer.
    4. Paste the code into your destination page. On the destination page, you may have an edit-menu option to "paste," or you might right-click and select "paste." The destination page may also support the keys "Ctrl-V" or "Shift-Insert" for pasting.

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