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Create a Search Box for your eBay Listings or Store Page

1. Choose a Format

Item Search
Store Search

2. Enter your Form Data

Seller Name You may enter multiple seller names and separate them with a comma, but a search word is required below.
Store Name eBay processes your storename without punctuation or symbols.
Site (country) Choose the eBay site (country) where your items are listed.
Label on Search Button The user will click this button to start the search. You can change the language.
Search a Category number see warning → You can limit results to a specific category, but NOTE that category numbers differ by country. Do not add a category number unless you know what you are doing.
Search a Store Category number Category numbers are unique to each store. Check your store navigation or store settings for the correct store category number.
Sort Order eBay normally sorts items by Best Match, but you can choose a different order for your search box.
 Search titles & descriptions 
(instead of titles only)
No (show checkbox on form)
Yes (show checkbox on form)
Always No (hide checkbox)
Always Yes (hide checkbox)
Normally, only titles are searched, but you can seach in descriptions too. Either preset the option and let the user change it, or you can force one search or the other by hiding the option from the user.
Label to display

Keyword Options (select one)


eBay Search Tips:

  • match all words = separate with spaces.   small blue widget  
    Find listings with all words small and blue and widget in the title.
  • match any word = separate with commas and enclose in parentheses.   widget (small,blue)  
    Find every widget that is either blue or small.
  • exclude words = precede "match any" with minus sign.   widget -(small,blue)  
    Must follow search word. Find widgets but exclude any that are blue or small.
  • match whole phrase = surround phrase in quotes.   "small blue widget"  
    Find only listings with exact phrase in title.
  • match any phrase = surround each phrase in quotes;
    comma-separate phrases within parentheses.   ( "small widget", "blue widget" )  
    Find listings with one of the exact phrases in title.
  • wildcards = NOTE: as of 05 Nov 2012, eBay no longer supports wildcards (*).
  • punctuation = eBay will not locate punctuation or symbols in a search.
    Use punctuation only as described above to refine a search.
  • limitations = a word must be at least 2 characters long and can not exceed 98 characters.
    A comma-delimited string is measured like a word – so use occasional spaces to break into groups under 98 characters. Total characters in the search phrase may not exceed 350.
Let visitor enter Search Words
If you want to suggest a search term, add it here, otherwise, leave the slot empty for the user.
Show Drop list of Search words

A droplist provides a premade list of searches, which is useful if your searches must be complex in order to locate particular matches.  ? 

The visitor will see your caption in the first column and eBay will search for the words you add to the second column.

Empty rows will not be included.

You can display non-clickable dividers in your list by adding a caption and leaving the search phrase empty.

Caption Hidden Search phrase  ? 
Show both drop list and input   If selected, Javascript will be added to the form to create a complex selection box, providing both options.

2. Copy your code below

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