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Auto Updating Gallery

X*Sell Cross-Sell Gallery for eBay
Create a clickable cross-sell gallery
using your eBay gallery Thumbnails
or your Custom hosted images

1. Find and select your items (click either option)


2. Make and Style your Gallery

Want to use styles from a prior gallery? Paste gallery here and extract its styles:
Select field on right for colorizing.
Slide darkness bar up and down.
Drag mouse/crosshair across palette.
FONT: ? ? ?
panel background
image cell color
GALLERY: ? ? ? ?

3. Preview your gallery

Gallery fits within 0w x 0h

4. Copy your codes - both parts

A. The code below must appear once in your page before any galleries.
This part of the code remains the same for all of your galleries.
B. Below is your specific gallery data with styles. You can make several different versions and include them on the same page.
Your gallery is scripted and does not violate eBay keyword spamming policy. You may edit this data by hand.

5. Hand Editing Tips

When Hand Editing Gallery Data: Notice that every value is enclosed in quotations and is separated by commas, so avoid using double quotes or inch ( " ) marks in the item description. Instead, use another symbol, such as the the "right double quote" or "right curly quote". The 7-character code is  ”  and it looks like this ( ) or sometimes like this ( ).

For Custom links, place the thumbnail URL in the first field, the link URL in the second field, and leave empty the third (item number) field in each line item. A caption may be added to the last field or it may be left empty. The link URL can be an image or a webpage.

,["thumbnail URL","link URL","","item caption"]

For eBay items, leave the first two fields empty in each line item, followed by just the item number and a caption or empty field:

,["","","Item number","item caption"]

Number of items: There is no limit to the number of items, but the gallery will take longer to load if there are too many. eBay items and your custom links can be mixed in the same gallery and you can add or remove items from the list by adding or removing an entire line of data. It is OK to leave gaps between lines or spaces around commas if that visually helps to organize the data.

The maximum gallery dimension is set by your code, but if you don't have enough thumbnails, the dimensioned length will be ignored and the gallery will shrink to fit the number of thumbnails. You can repeat your list of items if you would like to dimension a longer gallery.

Updating your gallery is a manual operation. This gallery does not fetch new data after it is embedded in your page. To revise your gallery, simply return to this tool to fetch new data. Edit or replace your existing gallery with this new data.

courtesy of eBay user shipscript
copyright 2005-2010 ©